Analyzing success is counted sweetest after

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Analyzing success is counted sweetest after

Some of these works include: People are always looking for success in the world and embracing or straying away from opportunities. When they finally achieve that success, it is more meaningful to them because they have worked hard to get it, rather than someone else who always succeeds.

The nectar she writes about is a symbol for victory and luxury. In order to "comprehend a nectar" you must require the "sorest need," meaning that the only way you will understand the worth of a victory is if you want it bad enough.

For example, the defeated, dying man understands victory more clearly than the triumphant army does. Although the man is losing his life, he is reimbursed by gaining an understanding of what victory is.

In a way, the theme is ironic because the soldier may never find the success in being a soldier because the success of a soldier is often dying with honor for the good of their country.

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The soldier has a "forbidden ear" because he has never won and feels even more defeated when he hears the cheers of the victorious army or "purple Host. Only those who have worked hard for it can clearly define it. He uses apples as symbols for new opportunities.

He also feels that a strange sleep is overpowering him. He also gives clues that winter is coming, which can metaphorically mean death.

There were too many apples, and he both mentally and physically exhausted himself trying to pick them all. He is unsure whether this sleepiness he feels is death or if he is just very tired and needs to rest.

The greatest thing about life is that you work hard all your life, and when you complete everything you die. By completing your work you achieve success.

Analyzing success is counted sweetest after

These themes apply to our own lives because we feel success when we achieve something that we have worked hard for. We also pass by many opportunities and seize the ones that will have a positive effect on our lives.

For example, some of us feel we have achieved success by studying hard and being rewarded by a good grade. There are many opportunities in life. We must be able to decide which ones we will be able to handle so we are not overwhelmed with an impossible task.

For example, taking more honors and advanced placement classes than you can handle will make it impossible to do well in all of them.

After looking at these examples we see that these themes are truly timeless and just as relevant then as they are now. The success of our lives is evident in what we have achieved and the choices we have made. By making mistakes along the way, our successes become even more meaningful when we achieve them.

The harder we work, the sweeter the success will be.Success is Counted Sweetest by Emily Dickinson: Summary and Analysis Success is counted sweetest is a lyric poem of Emily Dickinson’s which was one of only seven published poems during her lifetime.

It was written in and published anonymously in in the Brooklyn Daily Union.

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Success is counted sweetest by Emily Dickinson is a three-stanza work that addresses the connection of “need” and “triumph.” Essentially, only in experiencing that “need” can a person truly appreciate the best things in life.

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