Corporate culturism essay

Keywords organisational culture, organisation development, nepal, symbolist Page Understanding organisational culture in a development ngo in Nepal by applying academic theory to witnessed organisational behaviour By Michael Schueber Biography:

Corporate culturism essay

The aim of this article is to fill the gap in the Polish discourse on management about the concept of dignity in the workplace. The text presents the issue from the perspective of humanistic management.

The article analyzes contemporary discussion about dignity in the workplace conducted in the Western discourse on management. The reflections stem from a critical analysis of popular concepts of dignity in the workplace in the management discourse.

The author also uses the existing results of empirical research. The analysis uses management literature on dignity, which is the basis for systematizing available concepts. The literature analysis enables systematization of various concepts of dignity in the workplace and identification of specific levels in the quality of employee treatment in an organization.

Hence, the author identifies a few key factors that affect employees' dignity in the workplace both positively and negatively and indicates mechanisms that allow for the humanization of work processes. The theoretical reflections should be verified by empirical research in organizations.

However, the area of research on dignity in the workplace is not problematized enough, potential problems still require in-depth theoretical research. The reflection on dignity in the workplace emphasizes the organizational mechanisms that lead to the humanization and dehumanization of work processes.

The problematization of the category of dignity should allow researchers to conduct empirical research in organizations and managers to design organizational solutions that protect the well-being of their employees which, in consequence, may have a positive impact on the organization's development.

The article discusses the concepts of dignity in the workplace which are absent in the Polish discourse of management and indicates directions of further research in the field.Dr.

Amanda Sinclair is a Senior Lecturer in the Graduate School of Management. As a teacher on the MBA program of courses, including Ethics, she has a particular interest in the development and professionalisation of managers.

Gerber, Matthew G. “Radiohead’s OK Computer: A Lyrical Indictment of Corporate Culturism.” The Central States Communication Association Convention, Cincinnati, Gerber, Matthew G.

Panelist, “The Future of Intercollegiate Debate”. The Central States Communication Association Convention, Cincinnati, Globalisation and the emergence of cross cultural business have tremendously reshaped our working environment over the last fifteen years.

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Corporate culturism essay

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Corporate culturism essay

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