Marketing strategies of agrani bank

Internship Report The main objective of this report is to observe the Marketing strategy related activities for the Marketing Department of Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited. However, recent studies have indicated that religious no longer plays an important factor in bank patronage. Works of Rosly and Abu Bakar found that religious factor is not conclusive enough to drive Muslims to use Islamic banking facilities. In light of this revelation, Islamic banks have to better understand the needs, preferences and behavior of their target group customers in order to stay in the game.

Marketing strategies of agrani bank

Total Projects 16 Agrani Homes Real Marketing Pvt Ltd is well-known in the Real Estate market for their first-class construction projects for both commercial and residential purposes. As this company is in the Real Estate business since over half a decade, buyers and investors put their profound faith on the professionals of this firm.

High-standard materials, excellent services, and affordability are some of the key factors for which people recognize this company. The services and other unbelievable facilities inside a building that are offered by this organization perfectly match with the prospects of the customers.

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The company has its own recognition for high-tech infrastructure and classic developers in the society which is incomparable. Read Less Read More Housing. The Project has been displayed for information purposes only. The information displayed here is not provided by the developer.

The information and data published on this Project are collected from publicly available sources. This shall not be construed as an offer for sale or an advertisement for sale by Housing.

Before deciding to purchase or taking any other action, you are requested to exercise due caution and independently validate and verify all information about the project.Agrani Bank is the largest commercial banks in Bangladesh but still they have long way to go and the current policy makers are competent enough to take the bank to its deserved and desired position in the financial sector of Bangladesh.

Usually the bank’s marketing manager will respond to the goals and objectives of the bank by formulating various elements of the promotional strategy i.e.

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personal selling, advertising, sales promotion, publicity and public relations. Marketing strategy includes all basic and long-term activities in the field of marketing that deal with the analysis of the strategic initial situation of a company and the formulation, evaluation and selection of market-oriented strategies and therefore contribute to the goals of the company and its marketing .

Agrani Homes Real Marketing Pvt Ltd is well-known in the Real Estate market for their first-class construction projects for both commercial and residential purposes.

Marketing strategies of agrani bank

Source: (Agrani bank’s annual reports) Figure 2. Comparison between MCR & EC..

Agrani Bank Limited

Interpretation: Here we can see the condition of MCR and EC for five years and we can say that Agrani bank was in good condition on the perspective of holding capital in the year of , and Marketing Strategies of Agrani Bank.

3 March Business; Traditionally, small firm owners did not give as much importance to marketing as to other functions such as accountancy, production and selling.

Marketing strategies of agrani bank

Training programmes, enterprise development and the current thrust for competitiveness have now given high priority to promoting marketing.

Marketing Strategy of Islami Bank - Assignment Point