Richard spencer and the issues of social justice and white nationalism

A letter signed by an IRS official and dated July 12,informed Spencer that the agency had approved his group's request for reinstatement. Spencer said the status change is a "nice, small victory" after getting "de-platformed" by online payment processors. He said PayPal and Stripe banned him and his nonprofit from using their services after a deadly white nationalist rally in August in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Richard spencer and the issues of social justice and white nationalism

Play media Short clip of Spencer speaking in November During a speech Spencer gave in mid-November at an alt-right conference attended by approximately people in Washington, D. As he was giving an impromptu interview on a nearby street afterwards, a masked man punched Spencer in the face, then fled.

On August 16, during a television interview with Channel 2 anchor Danny KushmaroSpencer claimed that "Jews are vastly over-represented in Speech at University of Florida[ edit ] After the University of Florida's August denial of Spencer's request to speak the following month, Floridian lawyer Gary Edinger threatened to sue the university for violating the First Amendment by prohibiting Spencer from speaking despite being a publicly funded institution.

The university subsequently reached an agreement with Edinger allowing Spencer to speak on October 19, Phillips Center for the Performing Arts on university grounds.

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In addition to Spencer, the speakers included Eli Mosley of Identity Evropaa white supremacist group from California, and Mike Enocha white nationalist blogger. Brechner First Amendment Project at the University of Florida College of Journalism and Communicationsnon-violent protesting, booing and suggesting that the speaker leave was not a heckler's veto in law.

The speech and the concurrent protests were largely peaceful. The three suspects were residents of Texas who had travelled to Florida to hear Spencer speak. According to the Gainesville Police Departmentthey had shouted "Hail Hitler" and gave Nazi salutes immediately before the alleged attack.

Authorities said that two of the suspects had known links to extremist groups. In response, a lawyer representing Spencer's associate and organizer of his speaking tour filed a lawsuit against the university. In response, the city council approved a non-discrimination resolution.

He opposes traditional Christian values as a moral code, due to Christianity being a universalizing rather than an ethnic religion. Spencer references his views on Christianity as being influenced by German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche.If Richard B. Spencer craved attention, he certainly received it in abundance in Spencer, a white nationalist widely credited with coining the term “alt-right,” rocketed to perverse national stardom after delivering a November 19 speech in Washington DC before a likeminded audience of two hundred.

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This is not an example of the work written by professional essay writers. Before Richard Spencer came to town in , the tourist destination of Whitefish, Montana, was known mostly to well-heeled aficionados of the sporting life for its splendid vistas and ski slopes.

The National Policy Institute (NPI) is a white supremacist think tank based in Alexandria, Virginia..

Richard spencer and the issues of social justice and white nationalism

It acts as a lobbying group for white supremacists and the alt-right. Its president is Richard B. Spencer, and its executive director (since July 27, ) is Evan McLaren. So after the talk was rescheduled for Thursday, the university, the state of Florida, and social-justice activists began planning for the invasion.

As a class on November 15th, we went to the Who is Richard Spencer talk where we were given a brief overview of who he is and what he represents and then we had a discussion panel.

I didn’t really know much about him so I had to look up who he is.

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