The role and responsibilities of gla

These have been drafted in the context of the Objectives of Restructuring, which are detailed in Section 2 below.

The role and responsibilities of gla

Jenny has been involved in managing the planning and environmental work for a variety of large scale infrastructure projects throughout the UK with a particular focus on energy and mineral developments.

Jenny specialises in dealing with complex projects that often have a number of planning, environmental or technical issues to overcome, and is currently working on the River Thames Flood Alleviation scheme which spans seven different planning authorities.

On her projects Jenny promotes collaborative working and proactive engagement whilst also front loading the formation of strategies and risk identification to ensure efficient project management. Example projects that Jenny has worked on include a mixed-use regeneration scheme for 1, homes in Suffolk, an 11km pipeline and gas processing facility in North Yorkshire, and a new secondary school and 6th form college in Staffordshire.

The role and responsibilities of gla

Jenny has also recently applied for Associate Membership of the Institute of Civil Engineers AMICE having contributed to the National Infrastructure Commissions call for evidence in and a number of thought pieces on speeding up planning for infrastructure projects. Prior to joining Temple Jenny worked as an Associate Planner for planning and architecture practice, Barton Willmore in their London and Cambridge offices, where she was responsible for developing their client base in energy and infrastructure projects.

Jenny has also worked client side for a number of energy operators in London and the South East. Outside of work, Jenny enjoys taking walks in the forest with her husband and young daughter, and she also has a keen interest in photography which she uses in her blog on historic London architecture.The Role and Responsibilities of GLA and Mayor [Name of Writer] [Name of Institute] The Role and Responsibilities of GLA and Mayor Introduction The paper has comprehensive information on the mayor of London and the Great London authority and the environmental development plan and measures undertaken by the Great London Authority and the Mayor.

But the GLA does not have the power to change the law: the roles and responsibilities of the Mayor and the London Assembly are defined by legislation passed by the UK Parliament in Westminster.

The role and responsibilities of gla

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See DNA Testing for more information about these DNA . Roles and Responsibilities The University’s responsibility for safety in the Institute is discharged by the Director of Institute, Professor Rhian Touyz, who is directly responsible to Head of College, MLVS.

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