Types prevention and treatment of diabetes

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Types prevention and treatment of diabetes

Don't expect to obtain the best diet recommendations for diabetes by following the popular consensus. Most diabetics continue to eat a high-carbohydrate diet because it is the popular consensus, but that continues to make their diabetes worse instead of better.

Remember, the explosion of information about diabetes emanating from the media, books, literature, and websites has not reduced the diabetes rate. The word is getting out, but the number of diabetics is increasing at an alarming rate because the message is wrong.

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The current information explosion is turning healthy people into diabetics. The diabetes epidemic is exploding and setting new records each year due to the USDA Food Guide Pyramid that recommendation people eat more fruit and whole grains while avoiding red meat and saturated fats.

Diabetic drugs and insulin shots increase weight gain even more. This is the reason most diabetics cannot lose weight and are most likely to gain more weight on the standard diabetic diet.

You cannot exercise the fat away, as all overweight diabetics are well aware. The doctors blame the patient instead of placing the patient on a diet that is scientifically correct for weight loss and natural blood glucose control.

The high-fat, high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet recommended here allows weight loss while maintaining proper blood glucose levels more easily and naturally. The body is placed into a state of burning dietary fat and body fat for energy.

This switch is done automatically without affecting the blood glucose level. The blood insulin level remains very low and stable. The diabetic can only loose weight consistently on this high-fat, low-carbohydrate diet. The following scientific nutritional and medical facts are the reason for these awesome results.

Carbohydrates raise the level of blood sugar, forcing the diabetic to take drugs or insulin shots in an effort to bring the blood glucose level back into an acceptable range.

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Muscles become more insulin resistant than body fat cells which causes the diabetic to become fat even though he may lack energy. This leads to a vicious cycle of hunger - high glucose - drugs or insulin - body fat - low glucose - hunger.

Types prevention and treatment of diabetes

Get off the carbohydrate - high glucose - weight gain - low glucose - hunger roller-coaster. Animal fats in the diet provide good energy without the need for insulin.

Animal fats in the diet have a neutral blood glucose effect. The glucose tends to drop slightly, if at all, but never increases. Animal fats are very good in the diet of they diabetic because they provide good energy without increasing the insulin or blood glucose level.

Butter and coconut oil are also excellent fats for a diabetic to eat.

Types prevention and treatment of diabetes

Saturated animal fats are very healthy. Don't believe the lies from the animal-rights activists, vegetarians, and corn oil salesmen. Proof Saturated Fats Are Healthy.

Animal protein in the diet provides the necessary glucose in a self-regulating, natural manner. Animal protein also provides the full compliment of essential amino acids to build a strong, healthy body. In other words, eat red meat. Carbohydrates are empty calories that are not essential for human health.

We become more healthy without carbohydrates. Type 1 diabetics must take a small amount of insulin to lower the glucose, especially in the morning after rising. Control your blood sugar by eating more fat to keep the glucose low and eating more meat, fish, fowl, or seafood to raise the glucose level.

Eat a snack before exercise to prevent hypoglycemia. Hard cheeses are a natural food that provide this perfect balance. Fatty meat like chicken thighs with the skin are another good example. Fatty cuts of red meat such as ribeye steaks, ribs, or shoulder roasts are another excellent example.

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Eggs fried in coconut oil or butter is another perfect example. Bacon is OK if labeled "no sugar added" or if the ingredient list does not contain sugar and one is not sensitive to salt.

It is available in Kroger and Safeway brands. Shredded coconut, pine nuts, and macadamia nuts are other good examples for a snack.Read about outbreaks of botulism poisoning, causes (Clostridium botulinum toxin), symptoms (muscle paralysis, dry mouth, constipation), history, treatment, and types (foodborne, infant, wound).

The botulinum toxin is one of the most lethal known substances. Marijuana is currently legal for medical use in 28 American states and the District of Columbia.

There are increasing evidence to support the claims that the Cannabis plant offers many potential medicinal properties for a wide number of diseases and disorders. Donate Today to Fight Diabetes. Diabetes isn’t a choice, but we can all choose to fight it.

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Your gift makes a difference and will go a long way to support research for a cure and better treatments as well as to raise awareness about the #EverydayReality of living with this disease.

Explore: Treatment & Care. Oral Health and Hygiene. Brush up on your dental care skills and control your blood glucose to prevent gum disease. High Risk Populations.

Populations at high risk for diabetes require specific types of treatment and care. Women. Diabetes can be especially hard on women. Treatment depends on the type of diabetes you have. There are three main types of diabetes: Type 1 diabetes occurs when the pancreas stops making insulin.

It is usually seen in children and teens, but may occur later in life. People with type 1 diabetes need insulin to survive. Type 2 diabetes is the most common type of diabetes. With type 2 diabetes, the body does not produce enough insulin and it . WebMD explains different types of warts and how they are treated.

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