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Technical and historical accuracy[ edit ] Apollo 13 space capsule prop from the film The film depicts the crew hearing a bang quickly after Swigert followed directions from mission control to stir the oxygen and hydrogen tanks.

Write a review on imdb apollo 13

How to Write a Summary of an Article? Additionally, it can be said that Apollo 13 was one of the greatest success stories of human achievement and triumph. Director Ron Howard recreated these epic and historical events in the movie Apollo The Apollo 13 theatrical movie trailer provides insight condensing the events of Apollo Furthermore, it illustrates the true, real life narrative that depicts the prevailing nature of human will and the spirit to overcome such adversity.

Furthermore the comradely of the flight crew and the ground crew in Houston, along with the support, thought and prayer from the entire world as they watched the subsequent events of the disaster unfold, illuminates the miracle that was Apollo 13, and proves one thing.

Failure in not an option. The binary scenes between the flights crew in space and the ground crew in Houston depict the collective action of both parties and the importance of teamwork in accomplishing a goal.

In the face of this action the flight crew remained remarkably calm, analyzed the situation, communicated with the ground crew and took action. Similarly in Houston the ground team worked together as a team, analyzing the series of problems and working together to arrive at a assuredness of purpose and plan.

The switching between the scenes in space and those on the ground were fast, sporadic and at times overlapping, especially during the climax of the disaster. This exemplified the coinciding responsibilities and symbiotic relationship of both teams.

As well, a major difficulty with the entire Apollo 13 disaster was that at that time nobody—flight or ground crew—knew exactly what happened and how to fix it.

This is illustrated by the disjointing of each team through separation of the scenes and scenery. The flight team was shown in outer space, floating in air due to the absence of gravityclad in full-fledged space suits. While the ground team was on earth working in a mission control room, and clothed in typical work-attire.

write a review on imdb apollo 13

The flight crew, being at the event, could not see the results of the initial explosion; while in Houston the ground crew was not in a much better position, however having some vital information from instruments in the spacecraft. All the while not understanding of the cause of the problem, as well as how dire the situation was, and only knowing it was deteriorating quickly.

These binaries construct an understanding that one could not survive without the other; working together, teamwork, was their only option.

Human will, and the spirit to overcome such adversity can be seen in the hard-work, dedication, sacrifice and trust demonstrated by the astronauts and the members of the ground team alike, especially with so much at stake—human life.

Instead, the ground crew came together and developed a plan of action with only one purpose: To safely return Apollo 13 to earth, and the flight crew only considered one ultimate outcome: Furthermore while focused on one united cause there was only one outcome, and it proved to be a miracle.

As well, the true leadership and true vision of those involved in Apollo 13 serves as a reminder anything is possible. Gene is known for two quotes, both of which can be seen in the trailer: His refusal to even consider failure as a possibility was a significant factor resulting in the return of Apollo 13 to earth.

Although addressing the multitude of complex, compounding issues and problems facing the safe rescue of the flight crew, his perfect vision—seeing things not as they were, but as they will be—was important because it refused members of the team to engage in negative thinking.

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Ultimately, the Apollo 13 crew under these facts and circumstances and knowing that these astronauts barely survived the closest encounter with death in space; was nothing short of a real, true life miracle. The story is nonetheless true, and incredibly inspiring.

The final scene of the trailer is a picture of earth in space with Apollo 13 across the screen. The simplicity of this final scene in contrast to the epic and immense event is somewhat overpowering and truly exemplifies Apollo 13 as one of the greatest success stories.

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The world stood still, watched and prayed for the safe return of the astronauts, and by overcoming all odds, they did return and in the most remarkable fashion.Apollo 13 is a American space docudrama film directed by Ron Howard and starring Tom Hanks, Review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes reports that the film has an overall approval rating of 95%, Apollo 13 on IMDb ; Apollo 13 at the TCM Movie Database;.

Apollo 13 The Apollo 13 mission to the moon may have been the most miraculous event in history. Not only were the astronauts able to make it through any obstacle they faced, but they used their.

Ron Howard has arrived.I scarcely know where to start writing about Apollo 13, the long-awaited story of the catastrophic 13th mission of the Apollo space program. I went in expecting a whole lot from Howard and his star-studded cast. Thrilling, heartwarming, scary, and superb.

Read Common Sense Media's Apollo 13 review, age rating, and parents guide. Jun 30,  · "Apollo 13" never really states its theme, except perhaps in one sentence of narration at the end, but the whole film is suffused with it: The space program was a really extraordinary thing, something to be proud of, and those who went into space were not just "heroes," which is a cliché, but brave and resourceful.4/4.

Jun 30,  · There is a moment early in "Apollo 13" when astronaut Jim Lovell is taking some press on a tour of the Kennedy Space Center, and he brags that they have a computer "that fits in one room and can send out millions of instructions." And I'm thinking to myself, hell, I'm writing this review on a better computer than the one that got us to 4/4.

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